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for Water efficiency and conservation   Information provided by helps residents understand water conservation at home

Water conservation is something every resident needs to understand. It's simple. It's smart. Small, everyday decisions can add up to enormous water savings and allow our community to maintain its economic strength and quality of life.

Castle Rock is located in Colorado's high-plains, semi-arid environment. The Town averages only 8 to 15 inches of precipitation a year. Because of this, every drop counts, whether it's pumped fresh from a well and delivered to your home, or saved through reduced indoor and outdoor water use.

Helping residents learn tips and techniques of water conservation was a primary goal when Castle Rock Water created, a website geared at helping residents maximize water conservation habits around their home.

Rick Schultz, water conservation specialist says, a major component of the Towm's Water Conservation Master Plan is educational outreach. With the generous support of the Colorado Water Conservation Board, through this grant, this new website allows us another way to reach our customers. We can keep our residents updated with all the latest conservation tips, local xeric plants and upcoming classes.

The Town received a nearly $32,000 water conservation grant from the Conservation Board to build a website that would include the following goals and objectives:

  •  Educate the public on the importance of water conservation, Castle Rock's conservation programs and provide detailed information on water-saving products and practices.
  • Provide an interactive interface where the user has the ability to navigate the site and catalog information in a customized database based on individual interests. This database may be printed out and used to assist the user in the purchase of xeric plant materials.
  • Incorporate a technical design that enables the general website coding to be easily transferable to other communities or water providers.

Some features of include personalized profile, customizable plant list, weather stations, watering calendar, conservation tips and events. Additionally, it links the user back to the Townuro;s flagship website,, for information on water billing, rebates, plans and regulations.

Learn more about Castle Rock Water, which provides water, long-term water, wastewater and stormwater services at Questions? Contact Water Conservation Specialist Rick Schultz, 720-733-6027 or

"Be Water Wise" is the Town motto.


 Water Wiser program

Smartscape solutions for your lawn and home
Become a water wise resident by attending one of the Town's workshops. Through hands-on demonstrations and displays, you'll see how easy it is to conserve water and still have a beautiful yard. These workshops also will teach you plant identification, use and selection; how to detect water waste in your yard and home; and where and how your irrigation system can be improved.

Upcoming Water Wiser Workshops are being held this summer.

 For more info: Call 720-733-6000 or click.


 For Developers and Builders:


 The landscape regulations adopted by Town Council in 2003 don't apply just to homeowners; they encourage the use of water-conserving landscapes applications throughout the Town. They require all nonresidential, residential builder and multi-family developments to have their landscape designs approved by the Town before registered landscape professionals even begin installation.

The regulations direct the Town to examine incentive programs to encourage replacing existing landscapes with water-conserving approaches.

Nonresidential and multi-family applications, including commercial, streetscapes and parks, focus on creating landscapes that compliment the use of the site. Rather than allowing bluegrass throughout, landscape design should relate to a site analysis with an emphasis on proper plant material, soil preparation and irrigation system design. The overall landscape must consider the Seven Principles of Xeriscaping.

Water wise design is required for new residential development, including proper soil preparation and irrigation design. While bluegrass still can be a featured landscape element, the regulations ensure that all new development features well-designed, well-installed landscapes that are functional, attractive and water efficient.

More on Water

Information provided by The Town of Castle Rock

Water used for outdoor landscaping accounts for the largest demand on the water system during the spring and summer. Castle Rock's water supply is different from many Colorado communities' supplies. The Town's water supply is groundwater-based and is nonrenewable uro; meaning rain and snow runoff do not replenish Castle Rock's water supply. Water conservation is critical to ensuring supply during peak summer demand and ensuring water resources for current and future residents.

All residents are required to follow an every-third-day watering schedule during the irrigation season. You may water on your designated day before 8am and 8pm.

Note: If you've completed a Water Wiser class and received "Water Wiser" designation, you are still held to the before 8am and after 8pm watering schedule.

Water Quality Report

The Town has published it's Water Quality Report. To review this report online, click here.

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Xeriscaping saves water!