Volunteering in The Meadows

One of the best perks available to residents of The Meadows is access to a variety of programming and events. Most of these events require the time, labor and assistance from volunteers. Helping out, if even for an hour or two, directly impacts the success of the events in your own community and therefore makes it a better and more connected community to live in.  Opportunities are always available.

  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Networking - You never know when you might need a new dentist or pediatrician?
  • What a great opportunity to teach kids about responsibility and helping others!
  • Get outside... Get active!
  • Feel good about helping others - where better to help others than your own community?
  • High Schoolers-Get your community service hours fulfilled while helping YOUR community!

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities:

The Meadows: Food Truck Frenzy

The Meadows: PumpkinFest

The Meadows: Holiday in the Meadows

The Meadows: Holiday Wine Soiree

The Meadows: Winter Night Lights

The Meadows: Breakfast with Santa

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You may call The Grange at 303-814-2358 or email nroberts@meadowslink.com for more information. 

*Must be 13 years of age or older*