Did you know that there are two Master Homeowner Associations as well as Sub-Associations within The Meadows?

The Meadows has two unique homeowners associations that share a very special relationship. These two associations, The Meadows Community Association ("The MCA") and The Meadows Neighborhood Company ("The MNC"), are both legal entities and common interest community associations designed to help residents settle into new surroundings, get to know new neighbors, and feel a sense of belonging in their community.  Multiple neighborhoods within the MNC also have sub-associations with their own guidelines and special services.  

When were the homeowner associations established?

If you are a resident of Filings 1 through 9, which includes the neighborhoods of: Meadow Gate, High Prairie, Mountain View, Alpine Ridge, Aspen Trail, Coyote Run, Vista Heights, Deer Track, and Soaring Eagle, you and your neighbors are a part of The Meadows Community Association. The MCA, established in 1987, was under the leadership of Meadows developers until 2002. Over the years, the association transitioned into a homeowner-run entity with its own Board of Directors, in accordance with its Bylaws.  They are managed through a third party management firm, MSI, LLC.

In 2001, The Meadows Neighborhood Company was established by Castle Rock Development Company who had purchased the remaining undeveloped land (approximately 3200 acres out of 4000) within The Meadows in the late 1990's. Residents living within Filings 11 and beyond, including the existing and future neighborhoods of Patina, Suncatcher, Morgans Run, Harris Grove, Feathergrass, Briscoe Ranch, Watercolor, Weathervane, Morningview, Fuller Bluff, Sweetwood, Plainsong, Upland Park, Tyler Park, Leafdale, Gamble Oak, and New Haven are a part of The MNC. The MNC Board of Governors is a developer-controlled Board that currently includes two elected homeowners.

What is included in each association's assessments?

Members of The MNC and The MCA both pay either quarterly or semi-annual fees, or assessments, to support the organizations.

For The MCA, the semi-annual fee pays for trash removal, architectural review, and covenant enforcement; a quarterly newsletter; a contribution to community-wide social events and activities; and the maintenance of over 50 acres of MCA-owned irrigated and non-irrigated common areas and open space.

Swim privileges at The Grange pools requires the purchase of a season pass from The MNC, the owner and operator of The Grange and Taft House, whose Members share in the safekeeping of this unique community amenity. MCA residents who are not interested in using the pools pay no fees for this amenity to The MNC.

To visit the website for The MCA, Click Here.

Stacie Sneider
Community Manager for MCA
6892 S. Yosemite Ct., Ste. 2-101
Centennial, CO 80112
MSI main number: 303-420-4433


For MNC residents, the quarterly fee currently goes toward trash removal and recycling, the maintenance of over 240 acres of irrigated and non-irrigated common areas and open space, including multiple pocket parks and an extensive, and growing, trail system; operation and maintenance of The Grange and Taft House seasonal outdoor aquatic facilities; use of The Grange/Taft House pools at no additional charge; a quarterly newsletter; community-wide social events and activities; architectural review and community standards enforcement; a full-service website, including the ability to make online payments; and a welcome packet for new residents.

MeadowsLink.com is the website for The MNC.


Besides having two master associations, each home is located within a neighborhood.  Click below for a Street List and Neighborhood Key:

Meadows Community Association Street List
Meadows Neighborhood Street List