Their are two master associations in The Meadows....

The Meadows Neighborhood Company

The MNC has two office locations: 

Taft House (3570 Celestial Ave., Castle Rock, CO 80109) 720-476-4006
The Grange (3692 Meadows Blvd., Castle Rock, CO 80109) 303-814-2358 

In 2001, The MNC was established by Castle Rock Development Company who had purchased the undeveloped land (approximately 3200 acres
out of 4000) within The Meadows in the late 1990's. As of 2020, the MNC is a homeowner controlled Board of Directors. Currently, the neighbors
that make up the MNC are Brisco Ranch, Blacktail, Feather Grass, Fuller Bluff, Gamble Oak Harris Grove, Leafdale, Morgans Run, Morning View, New Haven, Panorama, Patina, Plainsong, Starling Hill, Stewart Park, Suncatcher, Sweetwind, Tyler Park, Upland Park, Water Color and Weatherwave.

To get in contact with a staff member of the MNC, please click HERE for a staff directory.

The Meadows Community Association