2020 Pool Season 

At the present time, due to the Safer at Home guidelines, the MNC is aiming for a June 15th tentative opening day for the pools. This opening day will depend on the State permitting the pool to open. At the very least, the COVID- 19-related orders and guidelines will likely require the MNC to make extensive adjustments to the pool operations, including strict limits on the number of people who can access the pools at one time. No groups of 10 or more people can currently gather in a group setting. For the pools to open, the MNC will need lifeguards and the authority to have more than 10 people present on the pool decks. The MNC will only open the pools if the pool operations—and residents and guests—comply with the State of Colorado’s orders and any applicable orders from Tri-County Health Department, Douglas County, and Town of Castle Rock. If the swimming pools can open before June 15th, the MNC will make that opportunity available. The pool contractor is already preparing the pools for the summer months.

If the pools can open based on any new orders that issue after May 26th, the MNC will publish new pool rules for the 2020 season that track the State of Colorado mandates, including any social distancing and cleaning requirements. Pool guests who do not follow the rules will be asked to leave, and the MNC may need to take other action to help ensure that pool users comply with the COVID-19 requirements. Non-compliance with the rules may result in pool closures.

The MNC understands the value of the pools to our community and residents. The MNC is dedicated to opening the pools for the summer. This pool season will be different compared to the previous seasons. A successful pool season involves everyone (the MNC, pool operations, and MNC residents) working together. By cooperating with each other, following COVID-19 requirements, and having some understanding the pools will be open for the community’s enjoyment. The MNC will continue to monitor the situation and provide more information regarding the swimming pools as new orders and guidelines are issued.

Grange Pool Address
3692 Meadows Blvd., Castle Rock

Taft House Pool Address
3570 Celestial Ave., Castle Rock

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