Pool Pass Information 



Already have a key fob?

If you are a MNC homeowner, and received a key fob last year, you do not have to do anything; your key fob will automatically be activated for this 2018 season.  (If you have children under 18, they need to have their picture updated.)  If you have misplaced your key fob, you may purchase a new one at The Grange or Taft House offices for a $10 replacement fee. 


New MNC (Meadows Neighborhood Company) Homeowner or Resident without a FOB

If you are :

  • a new Meadows Neighborhood homeowner

  • adding a new member to your household,

  • a resident that has not received a key fob in the past



    You will need to complete a  MNC Pool Form 2018.pdf print it and bring it to The Grange or Taft House offices.  In some cases, you may need to prove residency. You’ll get your picture taken and we will issue each household member a key fob.


Download the Key Ring or Pocket Binder app to scan all your key fobs so they are in one device and you can use your smart phone to scan the fobs to get into the pool!  Or if you have teenagers, they can scan their key fob and keep it with them in their phone and you don’t have to worry about paying for fob replacements!


MNC Caregiver Passes


MNC homeowners are entitled to one Caregiver Pass.  One pass will be issued per MNC household.  Caregiver may only come accompanied by the child/children in that household and primary or secondary resident of the home cannot be with the caregiver.  


MNC Renters


If you rent a home in the MNC, you will need to complete a MNC Pool Form, provide a current lease and Consent to Tenant Form 2018.pdf signed by the property owner or property manager.  This form provides authorization for renters of a property to use the amenities in place of the owner(s) of the home.  You have to provide proof of residency, as well. (A driver’s license, utility bill, etc.)  Please note that renters need to register every year in order to re-activate their key fob. 

Meadows Luxury Apartments 
If you have a current lease with the Meadows Luxury Apartments, you are eligible to buy a pool pass for the season. You will need to fill out the Pool Registration Form Apartment Pool Form 2018.pdf, show a current lease and bring in the The Meadows Luxury Apartments Verification Form.pdf signed by the Apartment Community Manager. 


MNC Guest Passes

MNC residents can bring in guests using their "Guest Pool FOB". The fee is $5 per guest, per use. The fees are collected at the pool entrance. 

MNC Pre-paid Guest Passes

Available for purchase at The Grange and Taft House offices. 

1 for $5; 5 for $23; 10 for $45; 15 for $65; 20 for $85
Please note:  Discounted guest passes are only available at The Grange and Taft House offices and not for sale at the pool entrance. 



All guests must be accompanied by a member or current pass holder.  No refunds or exchanges, and the MNC is not responsible for lost, stolen, or destroyed/damaged tickets.  Maximum of 8 guests per day, 40 guests per season per household on a space available basis only.  Passes have no cash value and are valid for the 2018 season only

MCA (Meadows Community Association) 
If you live in the MCA, you will need to provide proof of residency, fill out a MCA Pool Form 2018.pdf form and renew your pool pass each year. 
MCA Pool Pass Fees 2018 
Youth Pass (3-17) - $110 
Adult/Senior Pass - $125
Caregiver Pass - $50
Family Pass - $340**
**Up to hour household members, additional person $45 for a maximum of 7 per household. Must provide proof of residency at the MCA address. 

MCA Residents can have maximum of 8 guests per day, 10 guests per season per household on a space available basis only.  The fee is $7 per guest, per use. The fees are collected at the pool entrance. 

Checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express are accepted at The Grange and Taft House offices (with proper id).

he pool entrances can only accepts cash or checks with proper id.

The MNC Company Rules and Policies.pdf
Pool Rules 2018.pdf