Effective July 1, 2021, the MNC Master Association quarterly assessments are increasing and will be $235.00 per quarter, for the 2021-2022        fiscal year.
  The chart below compares the rates for the MNC assessment as well as the three different special service rates for the previous fiscal          year to the upcoming 2021-2022 year.  The Association’s fiscal year runs from July 1st through June 30th every year.

2020-2021 Rates

per Quarter

2021-2022 Rates

per Quarter

     Master Association Assessment



   Alleyways Special Services – in Stewart, Tyler, and Upland Park ***



   Shared Driveways Special Services – partial driveways in Tyler Park ***



   Shared Driveways Special Services – full driveways in Stewart Park ***



   Tree Lawns Special Services - in Stewart Park ***



  ***There are some units located in Stewart Park, Tyler Park, and Upland Park that have Special Services which can include an alleyway, driveway,
  tree lawn, and/or a combination of them.  However, not all units in these neighborhoods have special services due to it is dependent on the location of     the unit.*** 

Click HERE for the 2021-2022 Budget Summary.

HERE for the Factors that contributed to the MNC Master assessments  increase for 2021-2022

Here 2021-2022 Budget Approval Letter

Sub Associations

Neighborhood        Contact Name  Phone Number Email
Meadows Filing 20 Phase 2 amendment 2        Diana Jansen 303-420-4433 djansen@msihoa.com
Meadows Filing 20 Phase 2  amendment 6        Cheri Miller 720-974-4137 cmiller@msihoa.com
New Haven        Angela Christensen 303-634-2875 Angela.Christensen@kchoa.com
Morgans Run        Brooke Frazee 720-221-7758 bfrazee@hgmanage.com
Cyan        Vanessa Amsler 720-974-4257 vamsler@msihoa.com

Ways to Pay Assessments

There are several ways to make your payment:

 ACH-Homeowners are now able to set up an automatic payment through their bank online. All that is needed is a meadowslink.com account.
- Log in to meadowslink.com
- Select PAY HERE
- This is where you will set up the automatic payment.
*Please note - Do NOT fill in a dollar amount when setting up the automatic payment.
*There is no additional processing fee to set up a payment this way. 
- For a copy of the assessment ACH Direct Deposit form click here.

On-line Bill Pay – One-time payment or recurring payment
           1) Login to your Meadowslink.com account
   2) Select Pay Here from the menu at the top of the page.
   3) Select My Account - this is where you will be able to select your payment options. 
eCheck- A one-time payment from an owner's bank account
  There is no additional processing fee to set up a payment this way. 
  Debit/Credit Card - 
Please note there is a 3.5% processing fee to pay with a card. 

It is extremely important to note that if you utilize an online bill pay service your bank does not send a coupon with your payment and it is your responsibility to ensure that your bank or bill pay service includes the proper information.
In Person- You may utilize the Drop Box at The Grange or Taft House 24 hours a day,  or stop in during business hours.
By Mail with Payment Coupon- Choosing to mail a check accompanied by your assessment payment coupon (if you have chosen ACH you will not have a coupon book).Make your check payable to "The MNC."   
Please note: Proper payment mailing address & careful labeling on checks along with inclusion of your payment coupon is essential to timely posting.

To mail a payment please mail to the following address:

The Meadows Neighborhood
c/o, MSI LLC
P.O. Box 173307
Denver, CO 80217-3307

If you need additional coupons, please contact the MSI offices at (303) 420-4433 and speak to Valorie Richards.
Assessment Questions: Please contact the MNC at 720-476-4003.