District Delegates


Cynthia Edwards      District1Delegate@meadowslink.com Feathergrass, Harris Grove, Patina, Suncatcher
Michael Woodruff      District2Delegate@meadowslink.com
Azure, Briscoe Ranch, Hawthorn, Morgans Run, Panorama
Ashley Kirkpatrick      District3Delegate@meadowslink.com
AVB Meadows LLC (Avalon Bay Apts)
Continental 410 Fund LLC (The Springs Apts)
Sunroad Talus Flats Apartments LLC (Talus Flats Apts)
Emad Malouf
Fuller Bluff, Morningview, Watercolor, Weathervane
Scott Hartmann
Gambel Oak, Leafdale, Plainsong, Sweetwood
Jonathan Holyk      District6Delegate@meadowslink.com
Tyler Park, Upland Park
Connie Van Dorn 
Blacktail, New Haven, Starling Hill
Andy Brock
Stewart Park

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