Art Around The Rock

"The idea is part law enforcement science and part creativity. Officially called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, the theory is that police officers, planners, architects and the community can work together to prevent crime at the start of a project. By creating something that positively impacts human behavior – such as painting murals on bridges – ­­crime can be deterred. "

Two Meadows residents created a giant masterpiece in the tunnel that connects the Morningview neighborhood to the Grange parking lot.  Artists Bill Arbogast and Dan Rejman  

Bill Arbogast
Bill Arbogast is passionate about his craft.  Bill is a full-time artist who specializes in landscapes, abstracts, and still life.  Bill meets one on one with his clients to ensure their vision is brought to life.
You can see more of Bill's works of art here.
Lone Pine by Bill Arbogast

Dan Rejman facepainting at Music in The Meadows
            Chances are you have seen Dan Rejman at one of our Meadows events.  Dan is the only Board Certified Orthodontist in Castle Rock and owns Meadows Orthodontics.  You'll catch Dan, his wife Julie, and their three children in their booth face painting, pumpkin carving, and supporting all things community!  

Dan has been painting for over 20 years and you can see his oil paintings hanging all over the walls at Meadows Orthodontics, as well as, the art of even his smallest patients.

To learn more about Dan click here
Oil Painting by Dan Rejman

    Special Thank You to
Sherwin Williams
for Donating Paint for this Project