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Before starting work on any external improvements to your home or property, you should first check the Architectural Guidelines to see if the improvement you would like to do requires Architectural Committee approval. This Information will be listed next to the title/name of the improvement.
In the guidelines, it will clearly state "Approval Required" or provide further Information. If approval is required or if the improvement you want to do is
not listed then you need to obtain an Architectural Committee Approval letter prior to installing the improvement to your property. 

ARC Application Checklist

The following items must accompany all applications.  The Meadows Neighborhood Company Architectural Review Committee may require additional information as necessary to make a decision.  Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant. 

  • Completed Application (every page must be completed), This includes signatures from all neighbors who will be affected by the change (i.e. those in direct view and/or adjacent to your lot).
  • Detailed description of the alteration or improvement.  This includes a complete listing and description of materials to be used and overall dimensions-height, length, width, type, style, color.
  • Photographs of the existing condition (as applicable), marked to show the location of the proposed change.
  • Brochures, catalogues, photos, or manufacturer’s cut sheets of all exterior materials/items.
  • Samples of all exterior proposed colors, as well as photos of neighbors’ homes and adjacent homes.
  • A plot plan of your property that can be obtained through the Town of Castle Rock by emailing  A landscape plan, as applicable/or required, indicating the proposed type and location of existing and proposed vegetation.
  • If fence/screening is proposed, include drawings indicating dimensions, details, materials and proposed colors.
  • Details of any associated lighting, specify the direction of light projection for any spotlighting.

If owners install improvements prior to receiving the necessary approval, they may be required to remove the improvement or fix the situation at their
own expense. Additionally, the resident will still need to submit their application to the Architectural Committee for approval even if the project was
already completed. This is referred to as an After The Fact approval and is subject to a $150 application fee. Residents must provide a $150 check
made out to the Meadows Neighborhood Company in these circumstances and it must be turned in with the ARC application when it is submitted.
The application will not be processed without paying this application fee.

Mood Lighting

    Lighting- Mood: Mood lighting (lighting that produces low level glows) i.e., café or globe lighting, in white, on a porch, patio, pergola, gazebo, or deck        does not require approval. Mood lighting shall only be on when in use. Any use of lighting must be in compliance with Section 9.4 of the Declaration.

Board of Governors statement- 

·      Mood lighting is allowed without approval on a fixed, approved structure such as a gazebo, deck, or patio cover.

·      Mood lighting in NOT allowed to be strung across the yard, deck or patio to another structure, pole, post, or fence.

Architectural Committee Meeting Dates

Date of Meeting Time Location Deadline for Application 

December 8, 2021 12 pm Taft House December 1, 2021
 January 12, 2022  12 pm  Taft House January 5, 2022 
 February 9, 2022  12 pm  Taft House  February 2, 2022
 March 9, 2022  12 pm  Taft House March 2, 2022 
 March 23, 2022  12 pm  Taft House  March 16, 2022
 April 13, 2022  12 pm  Taft House April 6, 2022 
 April 27, 2022  12 pm  Taft House  April 20, 2022

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Jana Valley at 720.476.4007 or