Alleys and Shared Driveways


The Upland Park, Tyler Park, and Stewart Park neighborhoods of The Meadows have alleys, which the Meadows Neighborhood Company (MNC) will clear of snow.

Alleys are typically not named, but, occasionally, they will be. You can distinguish an alley from a public street because the sign for a street will be blue, whereas an alley will be brown.

The Town of Castle Rock will do snow removal on the streets. The Meadows Neighborhood Community will do snow removal on the alleyways.

The MNC will clear snow for the alleys at the Villas at Stewart Park (KB Homes), but we do not clear your driveways. Your sub-association is responsible for the driveways and sidewalks.

Alleys and shared driveways are at the top of our priority list for snow removal.

       Shared Driveways

The threshold to trigger snow removal is 4 inches of snow accumulation.

The Tyler Park and Stewart Park neighborhoods have some areas with shared driveways.

  • Tyler Park: The MNC only clears snow for the middle section of the shared driveways in the shape of a rectangle. The actual driveway aprons are the responsibility of the homeowners.
  • Stewart Park: The MNC clears snow for the entire driveway, which includes aprons.

Shared driveways are at the top of our priority list for snow removal.