Active Clubs in The Meadows

Good Deeds Club *NEW*

Kristen Frecceri, Volunteer Coordinator

Want to make a difference in this world? Want to help those in need? Then this club is for you! Join us in helping people right here in our community. From helping neighbors rake leaves to giving your time volunteering at a local food bank. Experiencing the joy that comes with giving back and making a difference is what this club is all about.

If you are a resident in need of help with projects, please contact Kristen to coordinate!

Questions? Email Kristen at

The Meadows Hiking Club

RJ Daskevich, Volunteer Coordinator

The purpose of The Meadows Hiking Club is to provide an opportunity for those interested in hiking to meet others on a regular basis and experience a variety of different hikes. We hike everything from local trails to 14ers. All are welcome to hike to their comfort level, and not everyone comes to every hike. We hike locally on Thursdays in the early evenings, and Saturdays with longer and increasingly more aggressive hikes as the season progresses and we get our legs and lungs in shape. We do not engage in risky hikes. For the harder hikes, such as 13ers and 14ers, we will put out appropriate cautions to allow each person to gauge if that is the right hike for them. We try to carpool whenever possible, generally meeting at Bison Park in the Meadows, and most of all, we have fun. It is as much as a social group as it is a hiking club. We usually have a bite to eat afterwards and can enjoy other events outside of hiking, such as a happy hour. Meadows residents and non-residents are encouraged to join. We currently have 70+ members that are on our distribution list, so come hike with us! 

If you have questions or are interested in joining, you may contact RJ Daskevich at 719-447-7307 or

Cycling Club

6202 Cycling was formed in December 2005 by a group of Castle Rock-based cyclists who wanted to share their love of bicycling and their community.
6202 Cycling welcomes bicyclists of all styles – casual riders, racers, mountain and road cyclists, men, women, and families. Club members participated in several organized local and regional rides including Elephant Rock, Triple Bypass, and the Courage Classic. 6202 Cycling is a member of the League of American Cyclists, a non-profit membership organization which promotes cycling for fun, fitness, and transportation through advocacy and education.

More information can be found on the club website: