We have a new vendor providing swim lessons in The Meadows this summer!

Join SafeSplash staff this summer in a fun learning environment and learn how to swim! Classes will be offered Monday through Thursday at The Grange from 8:30-10 am. To register for classes, call 303-799-1885 or register online at http://www.safesplash.com./. The classes are 30 minute classes with a maximum of six students per class. Cost per each class is $60/week. If you would like to continue progressing through the swim program in the winter months, you can join the lessons with the staff at SafeSplash in Lone Tree in their indoor heated pool.

The SafeSplash teaching philosophy is based on four core components:

• Progressive curriculum focused on water safety, swimming basics and the four core swimming strokes

• SafeSplash Certified® instructors

• The SafeSplash Match® - our commitment to match our teaching style to the needs of the student

• Splash-N-Tell®

The SafeSplash Curriculum

Our curriculum consists of 11 unique teaching levels, each designed to teach a set of skills that build upon the skills taught in the prior level. This progressive teaching approach allows a student to learn to swim at a pace that is comfortable and individualized. It optimizes the pace of skill attainment

and skill retention while creating a learning environment that is fun. For more information on our teaching levels go to www.safesplash.com and use the class level wizard and determine the appropriate level that is the right starting point for your student. The primary objective of each one of our class levels

is as follows. All levels also include a focus on a specific set of safety skills that is appropriate for that level:

• Parent-N-Me: Introductory class that encourages parent-child bonding, while teaching parents how to help kids become comfortable in the water.

Parents are taught proper technique, holds and safety skills.

• Toddler Transition: Class for the independent toddler. Focus is on safety, listening skills and fun.

• Level 1: Our introduction to water class. We build comfort and confidence in the pool and gain the student’s trust to extend to the rest of the curriculum.

• Level 2A: Beginner level class focused on becoming proficient in the fundamental building blocks of swimming, including floating independently.

• Level 2B: Independent swimmers find their niche in this class while working on swimming with a pop-up breath and safety skills.

• Level 3: With a focus on side breathing, our swimmers begin to build basic swimming skills like freestyle and backstroke.

• Level 4: Our proficient swimmers begin to refine freestyle and backstroke technique and learn basics of breaststroke.

• Level 5: Swimmers will refine their technique in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. We introduce the fundamentals of butterfly and learn

flip turns and diving.

• Level 6: This class brings together all 4 competitive swimming strokes and refines starts, turns and diving.

• Level 7: We refine the 4 competitive swimming strokes and begin to focus on distance while maintaining technique.

• Level 8: Advanced swimmers will focus on distance and technique while building their confidence to compete on a recreational swim team.

Competitive strokes are refined to USA swimming standards.