District Delegates 201
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Tim Dietz


Harris Grove, Patina, Suncatcher, Feathergrass

Jim Goings


Morgans Run, Briscoe Ranch

Did not meet quorum


Morningview, Watercolor, Weathervane, Fuller Bluff

Tanya Childs


Sweetwood, Plainsong. Leafdale,Gambel Oak

Michael Liimatainen


Upland Park, Tyler Park

Jennifer Waiton


New Haven, Starling Hill

Rita Ruderman


Stewart Park

District 4: Morningview, Watercolor, Weathervane, Fuller Bluff


Delegate:  JoVierre “Joe” Jaquet 


My wife and I are "Boomerang Coloradans", and just moved back to the state after 20 yrs.  We moved into the Morningview District, with our 2 sons, in August, 2017.  I am submitting my name for consideration because in the short time we have lived in the Meadows, I am more that impressed and pleased at the planning, preservation, and overall sense of community.  Having lived in San Jose, CA for the past 20 yrs, this is something that I longed for, but it just wasn't there.  Therefore I want to do my part to contribute to this community, and not only "give back", as they say, but show my kids that by getting involved in the community only helps strengthen it.

  • Over 20 years industry experience:
    • Finance / Asset Management,
    • Asset Management Software,
    • Accounting / ERP Software
  • 15 years Project Management and Software Implementation experience
    • Scoping and planning project requirements and timeslines
    • Managing Budgets, Resources, and Project Scope
  • Senior Manager / Deliver Lead with NetSuite / Oracle USA
    • Manage team of Consultants and Project Managers
    • Responsible for overall delivery of implementations

Responsible for overall book of business / revenue


Delegate:  Melanie Millage Peck


I have over 5 years of HOA management experience (serving as the Accounting Manager, a Community Manager and am currently the Director of Operations for a local Community Management firm).  I also serve as the Treasurer on the Community Association Institute (CAI), Rocky Mountain Chapter, Board of Directors.  I have lived in Castle Rock since 2001 and have lived in the Meadows since 2010 (my husband and I currently own 2 homes within Morningview).  I am interested in serving my HOA and am hoping that my expertise in the industry will provide helpful experience and knowledge for that.


Delegate:  Paul Berens


My name is Paul Berens and it is with great optimism that I express my interest in filling the District 4 Delegate as advertised. I served as an MNC Governor at large from 2014-2015. My decision not to continue was due to my wife and I starting a family and a job change. Prior to moving to the area I held the position as Board President for the Dakota Station II HOA in Littleton, Colorado for three years. In this position I worked as a team and assisted the community in avoiding bankruptcy as well as analyzed, modified and pioneered changes to governing documents, by laws, and contacts that I feel benefited the community in a positive way. I feel that my experience and leadership at the helm as a former Board President would benefit the community that we now call home. Besides my past experience as a Board Member, I would strive to keep the attractiveness and small town atmosphere in our community. My family and I have embraced the close knit atmosphere and have been very impressed with the sense of community we received since our move. I believe that the Board of Governors has to keep intact the delicate balance of stewarding the community in the right direction while still preserving the sense of a close knit community. In short, I am a dedicated volunteer at heart. I started volunteering with a metro fire department when I was 18, I actively volunteer with my church, and I hope to be allowed the opportunity to serve my new community. Thank you for your consideration.