Castle Rock Parkway                                                                                       

Castle Rock Parkway/North Meadows Drive now open!

In partnership with Douglas County and the Colorado Department of Transportation, the Town's largest ever roadway project is ready for drivers. 

Here are some things to know about driving this new 2-mile road:

  • The speed limit is 35 mph. Please drive safely and pay extra attention.
  • It may take some time for traffic to level out as we all find our new road routine. Traffic could be extra heavy on Castle Rock Parkway as motorists try using the new road. Meadows Parkway is still a good route to U.S. Highway 85 an I-25!
  • At U.S. 85, there is a full interchange, so drivers can access both directions of the highway and Castle Rock Parkway. It’s controlled by one signal span, so drive carefully and follow the signs and striping. 
  • At I-25, a roundabout gives drivers access to all direction. Remember to yield to traffic already in the circle. 

Why this project?

The North Meadows Extension will be a new road connecting The Meadows to U.S. Highway 85 and Interstate 25. The project truly began more than a decade ago as the Town secured funding, went through an environmental process and designed the road. Construction began in 2013, near Castle View High School.

As Castle Rock continues to grow, the new roadway is needed to assist with improving operations at the existing Meadows / Founders Parkway interchange with I-25 and at the intersection of U.S. 85 and Meadows Parkway. It will also provide a second northern access for The Meadows.

Town Council has designated this project the No. 1 transportation project priority for the Town. Town Council also chose a name for the new road. Between I-25 and U.S. 85, it will be Castle Rock Parkway. The rest of the road is an extension of North Meadows Drive.

The original proposal was to build a road from The Meadows to U.S. 85 only. The project was expanded to include a connection to and new interchange with Interstate 25, because Douglas County and the CDOT were concerned about regional transportation issues.

The U.S. 85 interchange will be at Castlegate Drive, near the Outlets at Castle Rock and The Pines Apartments. Original plans included only the north ramps - a southbound off-ramp and a northbound on-ramp. However, to provide the most flexibility and access, the Town has secured funding to add the south ramps as well.

The Town knows more growth is on the way, so in February 2016, Town Council and the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners agreed to expand the portion between I-25 and U.S. 85 to four lanes.

Are the weeds winning in your yard.  Town of Castle Rock sends weed reminder.
TOC weed HOA letter.pdf

We wanted to share the below link to a news release from CDOT regarding an upcoming closure of Highway 86 in Castle Rock.
Road Closed beginning Friday, June 17th.

Questions can be directed to the developer:

Starwood Land Ventures (SLV) for the Terrain development.

Contact is Kurt Jones, 720-346-2800. .

Check your car seat with experts from CRFD at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital on June 25

It’s a startling fact that most child car seats are improperly installed – up to 73 percent in fact.

Let the experts of Castle Rock Fire and Rescue and Castle Rock Adventist Hospital help keep your children safe. Together, the two entities will host a car seat check event from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, June 25. The event will be in the parking lot on the south end of the Alexander Building, next to the hospital.

Trained car seat technicians will be there to check your seat and provide tips for safest use. It’s best if parents try to install the seat before they come to the event. This will help parents be more familiar with the car seat and assist in the inspection. 

“Correctly installed and used car seats are the best way to protect our children from injury in the event of a car accident,” said Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Chief Art Morales. “The evidence is clear, and for this reason we are committed to ensuring that our community’s car seats are properly installed.”

If you can’t make this event, Castle Rock Fire and Rescue still wants to help you make sure your child is safe in the car.

CRFD has an ongoing car seat inspection program. Visit one of the department’s four stations any day of the week between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. to have an inspector check your child’s car seat. (Please keep in mind you may have to go to another station if there is an emergency, or the technicians are unavailable.)

A list of stations and more information is online at

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On your mark, get set, go! Castle Rock’s Half Marathon set for June 25

Runners, mark your calendar, and get that training schedule set. The Town is hosting its fourth annual Half Marathon later this month.

The event is set for 7 a.m., Saturday, June 25. The Half Marathon, presented by Castle Rock Adventist Hospital, begins at Festival Park, near Second and Perry streets, and continues through Downtown Castle Rock. Runners will finish the race with a scenic view along East Plum Creek Trail.

Online registration is available through noon on Wednesday, June 22. However, registration will still be available following that date at advance packet pickup locations and on the morning of the race. Prices for walk-up registration increase by $5. Runners must also pay by either cash or check.

Advanced packet pickup and onsite registration will be from 4 to 7 p.m., Thursday, June 23, at Runners Roost Lone Tree, 9994 Commons St., or from 4 to 7 p.m., Friday, June 24, at the Castle Rock Recreation Center, 2301 Woodlands Blvd. Race day packet pickup begins at 6 a.m.

If 13.1 miles doesn’t seem like your thing, don’t worry, there are two other courses available. The 5-Mile Race takes the best part of the Half Marathon course but cuts the distance. Plus, there’s the Rock Challenge for athletes looking to achieve new heights with their fitness routines. The Rock Challenge will take adventurous runners up the steep ascent and descent of the iconic Town monument, the Rock. This course stretches a little more than 6 miles.

All three events will be professionally timed, and prizes will be awarded to the top finishers. Keep in mind, there will be aid stations along the routes, as well as port-o-potties.

Additionally, a post-race expo will help make the Half Marathon a great event for the entire family. Plus, all racers will receive a pancake and sausage breakfast.

Head to for more information and registration. Questions? Contact Raina Bridgman, 303-660-1036 or

Thank you to our event sponsors: Castle Rock Adventist Hospital; Play It Again Sports; Patriot Enterprises; Elements Massage; Genesis Chiropractic; Katie Coleman, Remax; and Runners Roost.

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KerriAnne Mukhopadhyay, Community Relations Specialist, Town of Castle Rock

Castle Rock Water recognized as industry leader

Whether it’s paving the way with its long-term water plan, rising to the challenge of having the best tasting water in Colorado or setting an example for conservation – Castle Rock Water is leading the way in the water industry. Now, a series of awards has recognized the department for its work.

On Tuesday, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment presented Town Council the Gold Award in the Pursing Excellence Program for Castle Rock Water’s efforts in going above and beyond regulatory compliance. Castle Rock Water is the first water provider in Colorado to receive the Gold Tier.

The award named the Town’s steps to be a leader in the industry and share best practices with other organizations. The department was also recognized for a wide range of plans exemplifying advancing water technologies. Those plans included the H2OAccess billing system; the installation of mixers to the Town’s distribution system to help maintain great water quality; and an extensive energy management plan that has reduced energy usage.

As part of the award, Castle Rock Water received a $1,000 prize. That money will be donated to the Douglas County Taskforce to assist low-income customers with their water bills.

This was just the first of several awards Castle Rock Water has received in the last 12 months. The Town is also being recognized for being a leader in protecting the environment. The Town recently received the Silver award from the State’s Environmental Leadership Program.

This program through the State of Colorado recognizes entities that exceed requirements of environmental regulations and take steps toward the goal of efficiency and sustainability. More than 20 actions were identified in the application for the department’s efforts for environmental health. In addition to the community’s conservation efforts, Castle Rock Water reduced paper costs through online billing, reduced energy costs, and increased water quality with progressive cross connection programs.

“Castle Rock Water’s faithful commitment to the environment extends to our staff, our customers and to the community in which we operate,” said Castle Rock Water Director Mark Marlowe. “We take our motto, be water wise, to heart.”

Customers may remember, Castle Rock Water was also recently named as having the best tasting water in Colorado. The department will now compete in a national taste test at the American Water Works Association’s annual conference in June.

To find out more about everything happening with Castle Rock Water, head to

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KerriAnne Mukhopadhyay, Community Relations Specialist, Town of Castle Rock


Town of Castle Rock

Stormwater Information - March 2016

What can I do about the excessive water and ice that constantly flows over my sidewalk?

Refer to our brochure for troubleshooting facts and suggestions to address excessive water, ice and algae growth concerns. To inquire about our chase drain program, please call the Stormwater Hotline, 720-733-2235.

1.Where can I find information regarding drainage requirements on residential construction?

Section 8 of the Grading, Erosion and Sediment Control and Drainage, Erosion and Sediment Control Manual (GESC and DESC) provides information for residential drainage, erosion and sediment control regulations for all residential lot construction. Refer to Section 8.5 for minimum erosion and sediment control requirements. Refer to Section 8.6 for minimum drainage requirements for finished grade. (GESC and DESC)

2.Can I store landscape materials in the street for my house project?

Temporary storage of landscape and construction material is not permitted in the street, nor on the sidewalk. Landscaping materials left in the street will be washed away with the next rain or snowstorm, clogging drains, impairing waterways and impeding emergency access routes. Store materials on private property away from the path of drainage.

3.When am I required to install landscaping at my new house?

The Town requires landscaping to be installed within six months after occupancy. This includes both front and back yard landscaping. If you are not able to complete your landscaping within this timeframe, you may submit a written request for an extension by calling the Stormwater Hotline, 720-733-2235.

4.Where do I submit a mosquito annoyance complaint or information request?

The Town contracts with OtterTail Environmental Inc. for mosquito control. To submit a mosquito annoyance complaint or to request information on the Town's mosquito control program, call the mosquito control hotline at 303-273-2878 email OtterTail. A representative will respond to your request on or before the next business day.
OtterTail Environmental, Inc.

5.What can I do about the excessive water and ice that constantly flows over my sidewalk?

Refer to our brochure for troubleshooting facts and suggestions to address excessive water, ice and algae growth concerns. To inquire about our chase drain program, please call the Stormwater Hotline, 720-733-2235. Excessive Water Brochure

6.Can the storm drain inlet on my street be altered?

Storm drain inlets are intended to capture street drainage and maintain safe travel on streets during flooding events. The size and shape of the storm drain inlets are required to ensure that flooding does not occur. Restrictions to these openings are not permitted, as they have the potential to cause clogging or reduced capacity resulting in adverse flooding impacts to property and emergency access routes. Take appropriate precautions near these facilities. For your safety, never open, climb in or attempt to retrieve items from a storm drain inlet. To report accidental or illegal dumping down the storm drain, please call the Stormwater Hotline, 720-733-2235.

7.Who may I contact to address soil erosion in the open space near my property?

Generally, maintenance responsibility of open space lies with the property owner. If you have more questions or would like to request maintenance of Town owned open space, please contact 720-733-2235. Please note that open spaces in the Town are naturally steep and erosive. It is expected that some degree of erosion and drainage will result from these natural spaces. You may refer to Section 6 of the GESC and DESC Manual for guidelines on acceptable natural vegetative cover on construction project. Douglas County parcel locator

8.Who may I contact to request maintenance of the drainage facilities on or near my property?

Generally, the property owner is responsible for maintenance of drainage facilities on their parcel. If you have additional questions or would like to request maintenance of Town-owned facilities, please call the Stormwater Hotline at 720-733-2235. If you do not know who owns the open space in question, visit the Douglas County parcel locator. Douglas County parcel locator

9.How may I request a review of the monthly stormwater utility fee for my commercial property?

Customers are entitled to appeal for an adjustment of the Stormwater Utility fee for non single-family properties. Stormwater utility fees for commercial property are calculated based on the number of single-family-equivalents as follows: Parcel size in square feet times 80 percent impervious divided by 3,255 impervious square feet. To request a review, complete the Request for Administrative Review Form, and submit to Castle Rock Water. We will respond to your request within 45 days. Request for Administrative Review Form

10.Whom should I call if I am aware of accidental or illegal dumping down the storm drain?

Recognize potential illegal discharges! Only stormwater is allowed down the drain. When considering what may go down the "gutter," remember it is anything you would be comfortable drinking or swimming in. Report accidental and illegal dumping into the storm drainage system to the Stormwater Hotline, 720-733-2235. Call 911 immediately if you suspect hazardous or life-threatening substances. For a list of allowable discharges, refer to the Town Municipal Code Chapter 4.03.080.

11.Where does the water that leaves my street go?

Stormwater runoff is collected by a network of gutters, catch basins, pipes, temporary holding ponds and channels that lead directly to the nearest waterway. This network is known as the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System, or MS4. Only stormwater is allowed in the MS4. Remember: one thing is CLEAR, our rivers, lakes and creeks depend on you! One Thing is Clear