HOA Assessments

Assessments are due quarterly-they cannot be paid monthly, or late fees will be assessed.

There are various rates for HOA assessments depending on the neighborhood you live in. 

Assessments are $205 per quarter.  They are due January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1.  Late fees are assessed on the 11th of month on which they are due in the amount of $30. 

If your home is within the following neighborhoods, additional assessments are due:

  • Upland Park-$205 plus an alley assessment of $47 per quarter
  • Tyler Park-$205 plus an alley assessment of $47 per quarter and/or a shared driveway assessment of $42 per quarter
  • New Haven-These homes have a sub-association assessment for a portion of the neighborhood.  All the homes on New Haven Circle will pay $205 per quarter to the MNC and the sub-association payment will be paid directly to the sub-association, Advance HOA Management Ass.
  • Morgans Run-  $205 per quarter payable to the MNC.  These homes are within a sub-association and also pay assessments to the Morgans Run HOA.  Please contact BRC Realestate at 303.541.1592.

 For ways to pay your assessments, click here.